Add a receipt in Xero for iOS

Add a receipt in Xero for iOS to create an expense claim or a spend money transaction. Only users with the Standard or Advisor user role can add a spend money transaction.

To add a receipt:

  1. Either:
    • From the Dashboard, tap +, then tap Add Receipt.
    • From a contact, tap Options, tap Add New…, then tap Receipt.
  2. Complete the What was it for?, Where'd you spend? and Spent today fields.
  3. Tap How did you pay?
    • To create an expense claim, tap I want to be repaid.
    • To create a spend money transaction, select a business bank account from the list.
  4. Complete the account, tracking, amount and tax rate fields.
  5. Tap Optional details if you need to assign the expense to a customer, enter multiple lines or add a reference.
  6. Tap Add files, then select one of these options:
    • Take photo to take a photo of your receipt.
    • Choose Photo to add a photo that is saved on your device.
    • Choose from Xero Files to select a file from your Xero Files Inbox.
  7. Tap Add.

Created an expense claim? Depending on your user role, you can choose to save it as a draft, submit for approval, or submit and approve.

You can only add an account code to a receipt if you've selected Show in Expense Claims in your chart of accounts.