Account Summary report

The Account Summary report shows a monthly summary for a chosen account. If you have already used Xero’s Budget Manager to enter your budget, the report gives you a comparison of actual against budget for that month.

Your user role will determine whether you can see this report, and whether you can save and publish or just view it.

Generate the Account Summary report

Image showing user clicking Update button.

The Account Summary report is generated by:

  • clicking on a specific account in another report (Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Income Statement, and Trial Balance)
  • generating the report from scratch from the main Report Center screen
  • clicking on the Account Name from the Account Watchlist on the Dashboard.

rep - acct sum - access.png

If you are viewing a report produced by someone with the Advisor user role, you may see notes or a summary on the report. You may be able to export, archive or edit the report, depending on your user role.

If you are creating the report from scratch

It will be empty by default and you need to choose the account, date range and transaction types to view for the chosen account.

If you are viewing this report from the Dashboard Account Watchlist

The report will have a blank ‘From' date if you have accessed it from the Dashboard. This means that all transactions ever entered against this account will be included in the report.

Choose any account from your chart of accounts to see an account summary. Only those accounts that have transactions in them will be available to choose from.

Cash Basis

Check the 'Cash Basis' box to show only cash transactions within the specified date range.


Select an overall or tracking budget to show budgeted figures alongside actuals for any expense or revenue accounts. Leave as '(None)' to show only actual amounts.


When the details of the report you want to run are entered or updated, click Update to generate the report.

View report

View the monthly account balances in graph and list format. The variance column shows the difference against the actual monthly total. If you've selected a budget to show, you can compare budgeted figures with actual amounts on any expense or revenue accounts as well.

rep - acct sum - trans.png

To export the report:

  1. Click Export, then select your preferred export option:

    • Excel
    • PDF (printable format)
    • Google Sheets
  2. Open, save or print the file as you need.

An amount will only be recorded against an account in your chart of accounts once the relevant bill, invoice or expense claim has been approved. Cash transactions will be recorded as soon as you create the spend or receive money transaction in Xero.
If you are using multi-currency, the report displays in your base currency by default. If you uncheck the base currency option it will show in the currency of the transaction.

View individual transactions


Click on a monthly amount to view all the transactions that make up that amount. These individual transactions are displayed as an Account Transactions report.

Back to [name of report]

If the Account Summary report has been generated by drilling down from another report in Report Center, then it will display a link to take you directly back to that report.

Export your report

If you have the Advisor user role, you will also be able to Save as Draft or Publish this report and change the default PDF preferences. If you’re using Partner Edition, your practice logo will display if your Principal has set it up. You can also add footnotes.