Check payments

Create check payments in Xero for purchases, refunds and expense claims.

How check payments work

  • Create check payments for some transactions from base currency bank accounts

    Transactions in Xero you can create check payments for:

    One-off bills

    Spend money transactions

    Credit note refunds

    Expense claims

    You can also create check payments to pay employees.

    The bank account you use to create the check payment from must be in your base currency, and must not be a credit card or PayPal account.

    When selecting a bank account for your check, the accounts are listed in order based on the account code assigned in your Chart of Accounts. To change the order of bank accounts, simply update the account code.

  • Each check payment created in Xero is recorded in your check register.
  • Either print your check from Xero, use your own check book, or import into VersaCheck.
  • If you're printing checks from Xero, you can customize their format and choose which information displays. You can print on both preprinted and blank check stock.
  • Use your check register to view, manage and print checks.

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