Change your Xero pricing plan

Your pricing plan affects your organisation's access to Xero's features. If you're the subscriber for your organisation, you can change to a bigger Business Edition pricing plan at any time. You can change to a smaller plan only after you've been on a plan for 30 days.

Find out about changing your clients' pricing plans if you're an accountant or bookkeeper.

About Xero's pricing plans

Find out about Xero's pricing plans so you can choose the one that best suits your organisation.

  • Details of all Xero pricing plans ( website)
  • Limitations of the Starter pricing plan
  • Xero's Starter pricing plan has these limitations:

    • 5 approved sales invoices and 5 approved bills each calendar month (however, you can have an unlimited number of draft or historical invoices, bills and credit notes).
    • 20 reconciled bank statement lines in total each calendar month. The date of the transaction in your statement determines the calendar month, not the month that you are reconciling them in.
    • Once you've reached the sales invoice or bill limits, any additional sales invoices or bills will save as drafts.
    • No access to cash coding with bank reconciliation.
    • It doesn't support the New Expense Claims beta test.
    If you need to process more transactions than these limits allow, you'll be offered one of our one-off extensions of an additional 5 bills, 5 invoices, and 10 statement line reconciliations. The extensions can only be used once, and if they aren't offered it means they've already been used.

Change your pricing plan

If you've paid in advance and are part way through a prepaid monthly period, you can choose to downgrade immediately or wait until the end of that period. If you downgrade immediately, you won't receive a credit for the remaining period.
  1. From the Settings menu, select Subscription.
  2. Click Manage Subscription.
  3. From the Options button, select Change pricing plan.
  4. Image of changing pricing plan from under Options button

  5. Choose the pricing plan you want to change to.
  6. (Optional) Select Payroll to include Xero's payroll product.
  7. (Optional) Select Projects to include Xero's projects product.
  8. Click Continue to billing details.
  9. Check that your billing contact and payment details are correct, then click Confirm.

You can also change the pricing plan from your My Xero page, by clicking Info under the Subscription column, then choosing Change pricing plan from the Options button.

Image of Info link in My Xero page

What happens when I downgrade my pricing plan

When you downgrade an organisation from the Premium pricing plan, multi-currency will no longer be available. Any foreign currency bank accounts you have will be archived.

When you downgrade an organisation to the Starter pricing plan, the plan limits will begin immediately.

You'll continue to have access to information entered in Xero before your pricing plan was changed.