Calculate and add statutory maternity leave

Work out if your employee is eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and add start and end dates to make sure this is captured when you process upcoming pay runs.

If your employee has recorded a sick leave request in the last 56 days, we recommend that you add the additional leave to the existing leave request within the Time Off tab rather than calculating new leave.

You can edit the original request and add extra days when you approve time off as a Payroll Admin. Watch a Xero U video showing you how to use pay items to record sick leave (2.19).

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Time Off.
  2. Click Add time off, then select Statutory Leave.
  3. Select the employee.
  4. In the Select a leave type field, select Maternity.
  5. Complete the date fields.

    Add Statutory Leave dates.

  6. (Optional) Click Add actual birth date and select a date where the birth date varies from the expected due-date.
  7. (Optional) Select the Subject to pension calculation checkbox to include these payments in the calculation of employee and employer pension amounts.
  8. Click Add to approve their leave request.
  9. (Optional) To override average weekly earnings:
    1. Under Time Off, click the request you want to edit.
    2. Update the amount under Average weekly earnings.
    3. Click Save.

Xero will compare the request details with existing eligibility criteria you have already set up, and will show if the employee is 'Entitled' or "Not Entitled' for this leave request under the Time Off heading.