The Activity feed

The Activity feed alerts you to upcoming work for your clients, when the work is due, and what you need to do next. It also gives you an easy way to act on an alert, with a direct link to the right place to do your work. You can filter, sort, and search for alerts, as well as set up custom alerts and manage alerts you've turned off.

The Activity feed only shows alerts for clients of your practice and not invited organisations.

My activity

Use the headings found under My activity to filter your activity feed and show only the alerts you want to see.

The default filter is All, which shows you every alert of any type for all of your clients. Click Overdue to only show alerts that are overdue, or click one of the other headings to filter the alerts by type. The alert type headings vary according to what needs attention, but they can include any of the following:


Set up, change, or delete custom alerts. Turn on system alerts you have turned off.

The alerts list

Each alert shows the client name and the primary action for that type of alert.

Image showing an alert in Xero HQ

Click the name to go to the client's details.

Click the action to go directly to the right place and resolve the alert.

You can also click the menu icon Xero HQ menu icon to turn off or delete alerts. The options are:

  • Turn off [TYPE] alerts for this client - hides all alerts of a given type, such as Bank or Workpapers, for the selected client
  • Turn off all [TYPE] alerts - hides all alerts of a given type, such as Bank or Workpapers, for all clients
  • Turn off all alerts for this client - hides all alerts of any type for the selected client
  • Delete this alert - permanently removes the alert from your activity feed
  • Deleted alerts cannot be restored.

The changes you make only affect your activity feed, and not the feeds of anyone else in your practice.