Stripe surcharging

Set up Xero to pass Stripe fees on to your customer.

In some jurisdictions, it's prohibited to charge processing fees to your customer. It's your responsibility to comply with applicable laws concerning surcharging.

How it works

  • Set up Stripe surcharging when you add Stripe as a payment service in Xero, or edit an existing Stripe account.
  • Xero will include fees in the payment total when your customer clicks the Pay now button.

    Image showing Stripe fee in payment dialog box.

  • Once the invoice is paid, the processing fee will display as payment line on the paid online invoice and Xero will create a receive money transaction for the fee reimbursement.
  • You can set up multiple surcharging rates by adding the same Stripe account as another payment service in Xero for each additional rate.

Display surcharge on paid invoice with DOCX branding theme applied

To display the surcharge, you'll need to add a field code to the DOCX template. In the field name, enter InvoiceFeeReimbursed.


To reconcile the statement line, you'll need to match it with the payment transaction, fee transaction, and fee reimbursement created in Xero.

You may need to make a minor adjustment in the following situations:

  • Single payment for multiple invoices on the outstanding bills screen

    When a customer makes a payment on the outstanding bills screen, the processing fee is calculated based on the sum of all invoice totals. The fee is reflected proportionally on each invoice, and Xero creates a receive money transaction for each respective fee reimbursement. When the fee reimbursement doesn't divide evenly into the separate receive money transactions, there could be a slight discrepancy between the fee transaction and fee reimbursement total.

    Image of reconciliation screen showing fee reimbursements.

  • Surcharging rate is different from Stripe default rate

    If you set up a surcharging rate in Xero that is different from the Stripe rate charged for your region, there could be a discrepancy between the fee transaction and fee reimbursement total.

  • Multi-currency transaction - different exchange rates

    When your customer makes a multi-currency payment, Xero uses Stripe's exchange rate whenever available. If unavailable, Xero will use its own exchange rate, which may result in a slight discrepancy.