Mark invoice, credit note or prepayment as sent

Use Mark as sent to identify which awaiting payment or paid invoices, credit notes or prepayments you've sent, and when they've been viewed.

Effects of marking as sent

  • You need to mark an invoice as sent before Xero will send invoice reminders automatically for the invoice.
  • Each time you mark an item as sent, Xero records the first time someone views the item online. This could be you or anyone else who has the online link.
  • When the item is sent but not yet viewed, Xero displays Sent next to the item.
  • When someone's viewed the online invoice, credit note or prepayment, Xero displays Viewed next to the item .
  • Marking an item as sent or unsent adds History & Notes.

Mark your item as sent

You can choose to mark your item as sent when you:

  • Email your item. Select the Mark as sent checkbox.
  • Print a PDF of your item. After you click Print PDF, Xero asks you to confirm if you'd like to mark the item as sent.

Mark your item as unsent

You can mark an item as unsent within the invoice, credit note or prepayment.


If you resend the item and mark as sent, Xero again records:

  • That you've sent the item.
  • When someone views it.