Release notes: updates to Xero on 24 March 2015

Here's a summary of what we've released:

New and improved inventory

Inventory now tracks the quantity and value of the products you buy and sell. Inventory accounting is done for you - your Balance Sheet is automatically updated and your cost of goods sold is automatically calculated. Always know how much product you have on hand and how profitable your products are.

To start tracking your inventory items, you'll first need to set up your items and enter inventory opening balances.

Find out about Inventory in Xero

Online quotes

Now you can send your customer a link of your real-time quote. They can view and accept the quote in their web browser. Your customer can also see any file attachments you've included with your online quote.

Online quotes

Report templates (NZ partners only)

More flexible than report packs, the new report templates make it much easier to customise reporting across your practice and at the client level. While you're setting up the new report templates, you can still use your existing report packs.

Find out more about report templates

New 'Edit report templates' permission

Along with the new report templates, we've released a new staff permission, 'Edit report templates'. As this permission level is switched off by default, the person with the Principal permission level will need to give 'Edit report templates' permission to each staff member who needs it.

Set up staff access to report templates

Reporting name change to the chart of accounts

For partners using report templates, a new field for 'reporting name' has been added to the account edit screen in the chart of accounts. This allows you to name an account in a report differently from what it's called in the chart of accounts.

Side-by-side file attachments

You can now view an uploaded file attachment alongside something else in Xero. For example, you can view the photo of a bill you've uploaded while you enter the details into Xero.

Unmerge contacts

If you merged contacts in error, or want to separate them at a later date for any reason, you can now unmerge contacts.

Email file attachments with invoices

You can now attach a file when you email invoices to customers.

Notification pop-ups

New notifications now pop up in the top right corner of Xero for a few seconds, to alert you to important information. You also have the option of turning off pop-up notifications using the settings menu in the notifications drop-down.

Cheque numbers displaying in bank reconciliation

To save extra clicking, if a cheque number is present when you're reconciling your bank account, it will show on both your bank statement and the Xero transaction side.

Lock date naming made clearer

If you have the Adviser user role, next time you set a lock date you'll notice we've tweaked the fields. You'll now have a choice to set lock dates for all user roles, or all user roles except Adviser.

Set and work with lock dates

Partners able to create trial business organisations from My Xero

Partners can now create a trial Business Edition organisation from My Xero. The trial will appear in your My Xero client dashboard for tracking purposes.