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Does Xero have customer support & what is the cost?

Xero provides this online Help Centre which contains a detailed online user guide; the cost is included within your monthly subscription. You can contact the Xero Support team free any time with your questions or suggestions. Just click the Contact Xero Support button at the bottom of any Help Centre page.

You can also explore our free self-paced learning for small businesses and accountants or bookkeepers on Xero U.

What are the up front costs to joining Xero?

There are no up front or setup costs to using Xero, you simply need to select the appropriate pricing plan and go for it. Also, there is no obligation period for using Xero once you have signed up. However, for those that would like assistance to set up the accounts such as chart of accounts, opening balances and more, we have a network of Xero partners who can perform this, from entry level bookkeeping to Chartered Accountants.

Refer to pricing information on our website and the list of Xero accounting partners.

Can Xero staff see my bank balance & other financial information?

No. All of your bank account information and accounting data is secure and cannot be viewed by any employee of Xero. If you need any assistance with your Xero account you can temporarily invite Xero Support to assist you and then revoke their access.

Find out more about our security, our privacy policy, and how to give access to Xero Support.

Can I cancel my trial or subscription?

Yes, if you are the subscriber of an organisation.

Find out who is your organisation's subscriber
Cancel a Xero subscription
Cancel a trial subscription

Can I change my email address?

Yes, you can change the email address you use to log in to Xero, while you're logged in.

Change login email address

How do I change my organisation's subscriber?

You can only change the organisation's Subscriber if you are the current Subscriber.

Subscription transfers
Change the subscriber for an organisation in your practice

How long does my data stay in Xero?

If you want to stop using Xero, you can do so at any time – there is no obligatory or contractual period. You will be billed up until the day you remove your organisation. In the future we expect to provide customers with a storage or archival service at a greatly reduced monthly fee. This will likely provide you read-only access to the existing organisation, meaning that you may not have to get your data out of Xero. If you'd like to contact us and discuss this service, click Contact Xero Support at the end of this Help page. In the meantime there are a series of reports and other data you can export in order to obtain your own copy.

Refer to Cancel a Xero subscription and How do I get my data out of Xero?

How do I get my bank account balances into Xero?

Add your bank accounts and their balances when setting up your organisation in Xero. You can also leave the balances blank and enter them via Settings > General Settings > Conversion Balances at a later date - however, some of your reporting may not be accurate until you've entered them.

Refer to our help about Conversion balances

Can I process part payments for customer invoices?

Yes. You can do this by apply the payment received directly onto the invoice then match this to the downloaded statement line or record the part payment received at the time you do your bank reconciliation by 'splitting' the invoice amount due into the payment received and the amount remaining.

Refer to How do I reconcile part payments for invoices?

Can I allocate multiple Xero transactions to statement lines from bank reconciliation?

Yes. If the downloaded bank statement amount (on the left of the bank rec screen) is for several transactions it won't automatically match with the 'OK' button - simply choose the 'Find & match' link (on the right had side of the bank rec screen) and scroll or search through the list of transactions and payments displayed (i.e. those you've already entered in Xero) checking the boxes of the ones you want to match to the downloaded amount.

What do I do to reconcile transfers between bank accounts?

You need both bank accounts set up in Xero. If you've entered the transfer in one bank account in Xero it will automatically appear in the other account in Xero as well. Download statements for both accounts and reconcile the matched amounts as normal. If you have not entered the transfer in Xero already and have download a transfer amount, click the 'Transfer' tab on the right of the bank rec screen to show which other account in Xero the transfer is going to and click OK to reconcile the amount in the current account. You'll still need to go to the other account in Xero and download a statement for that account to reconcile the other side of the transfer.

Refer to Reconcile a transfer between bank accounts or Transfer money between your bank accounts in Xero

How do I delete transactions?

It depends on the type of transaction, the status of the transaction (where applicable) and your user role - sometimes you can delete, other times you have to void or credit if a journal entry has already been created.

Refer to Delete or void an invoice, Delete or void a bill and Delete or void a credit note or Bank accounts or Edit/delete expense claims/receipts and User roles in Xero

Can I set up my invoices so that they look like they come from my accounts department?

You can specify the 'from name' and 'reply to' email addresses on emails you send your contacts.

Control the email address on emails you send to contacts

Can I change an invoice or bill once it's been approved?

Yes. You can edit an approved invoice or bill, provided it has not yet been paid (i.e. you can still find it on the 'Awaiting Payment' tab). If you need to make any significant changes to a sales (customer) invoice that has already been sent, it might be better to credit the invoice rather than editing it (or voiding it). If in doubt, check with your accountant or bookkeeper. For more information on credit notes in Xero please see our Credit Notes help

Refer to Awaiting Payment sales invoices, Edit a paid invoice, Edit & work with awaiting payment bills, or Edit a paid bill

How does tax display on the invoice my customer gets?

Selecting 'Tax Exclusive' or 'Tax Inclusive' from the 'Amounts are' drop-down when you create an invoice determines whether Xero includes the tax in the total amount or adds the tax to your subtotal. However, your choice has no bearing on how your invoice appears on your customer's invoice: that is determined by whether you have chosen to show taxes as 'Tax Exclusive' or 'Tax Inclusive' in your branding theme.

Refer to Invoice Settings

How does sales tax work in Xero?

Each transaction or journal entered into Xero has a tax 'treatment' i.e. whether sales tax is present on the item and if so, if it's calculated as inclusive or exclusive, and a tax 'rate' i.e. the sales tax percentage on that line item. All sales tax is run through one account in Xero and tax amounts calculated for a period are carried through to your Sales Tax Summary.

Refer to Xero uses a single account for recording all sales tax and Where does Xero get the sales tax figures from?

What if I use my business credit card to purchase a personal item?

Xero can comprehensively manage you and your staff's expense claims so that personal expenditure on behalf of the business can be reimbursed. You can also process personal spending that you've used business funds for.

Refer to Expense claims in Xero and How do I process an expense claim? and for specific reimbursement scenarios to How do I manage funds in and out of my business?
Can I enter receipts in other currencies to an expense claim?

No, you'll need to enter the amount onto the receipt that you actually spent out of your bank account (which may include currency conversion rates or credit card transaction fees) in your base currency so that you are correctly reimbursed for what you actually spent. You can use the notes field to enter the foreign currency amount, exchange rate and fees if you want to keep them as a reference.

Refer to enter expense claim receipt

How do I export data to my accountant?

With Xero there is no need to export data. As Xero is web based all you need to do is invite your accountant into Xero. However, you can export any reports to Excel, PDF, Google Sheets or all general ledger transactions. Xero enables unlimited invited users to log in and view your information at anytime. As the subscriber you control who has access to your information.

Refer to Invite a user into your organisation, Importing & exporting, Detailed general ledger report or Export general ledger data out of Xero

What happens if 2 users are editing at the same time?

Xero allows concurrent or multiple users - any number of users can be logged into your organisation at the same time and working on the same thing - whoever saves last will have their changes retained. There's no concept of 'locking' a transaction in Xero.

Am I a Subscriber or an invited user?

If you set up your Xero subscription, or have had the subscriber role transferred to you, you’re the Subscriber. If your adviser (such as your accountant or bookkeeper) set it up for you, then you’re an invited user. You can check this in your My Xero screen. If you see an 'Upgrade' or 'Info' link next to your organisation name then you’re the Subscriber. If not, then you’re an invited user for that organisation.

Find out who is your organisation's subscriber

What can I do if I’m a Subscriber?

You control who has access to that organisation and you can change what invited users can do in Xero. As the Subscriber, you are responsible for paying for all the organisations under your Xero subscription.

The full details are in the Xero Terms of Use

What can I do if I’m an invited user?

You have access to an organisation at the invitation of the Subscriber, who may change what access rights you have and what you can do in Xero. Invited users are unable to change the Subscriber for an organisation.

The full details are in the Xero Terms of Use

Does Xero own my data?

No. You own your data. However, the Subscriber controls access to the data which is dependent on full payment of the Xero invoices.

If my organisation is on Xero, why don’t I control access to that organisation?

There can only be one subscription to the Xero software for an organisation. This is held by the Subscriber of that organisation. If you're an invited user you are using Xero solely at the Subscriber’s discretion.

Find out who is your organisation's subscriber

What if there's a dispute over access to Xero?

In the event of a dispute, your first action should always be to refer to the terms of any agreement in place between you and the other party/parties involved.

In relation to a Xero subscription, any rights that you have will depend on whether you are a “subscriber” or an “invited user” (as those terms are defined in Xero’s Terms of Use).

The subscriber has the ability to decide what level of access an invited user has to the subscription.

If you are an invited user, then your subscriber controls access to the Xero subscription. Xero is unable to change user access unless it is authorised by the subscriber to do so. If you require the Xero subscription to be transferred, you will have to reach a resolution with your subscriber and get them to consent to the transfer of the Xero subscription.

Xero is not in a position to decide on the legitimacy of either party’s claims in a dispute. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute between themselves then they may need to resolve the dispute using some form of dispute resolution mechanism, such as mediation or arbitration. If your adviser is a member of a professional body, then this body can also help you resolve disputes with its members.