Try out Xero's features with the demo company

If you've signed up with Xero or been invited in by another organisation, try out Xero's features using our demo company.

Access the demo company

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.

  2. Click Try the Demo Company [Country]. You can try out another country's features by clicking Change Country. If you use Xero Partner Edition, you can view the Business Edition demo company or the Partner Edition demo company.

    Image of the organisation list and demo company.

Demo company data

Data is fictional, private & separate from your other organisations

Our demo company contains usable, fictional (test) data. It's separate from any organisations you might already have set up in Xero. No one else can see any data you enter or import into the demo company.

You may see more features in the demo company than in your own organisation. The demo company gives you full access to all features (except bank feeds), irrespective of your user role in your own organisation.

If you want to use your own company's data, it's best to add a free Xero trial subscription and not use the demo company.

Data expires after 28 days, or you can reset it yourself

Any data you enter or import into the demo company expires after 28 days leaving only the original demo data. Or click Reset at any time to remove data you’ve entered or imported.

Click Reset to reset the demo data.