Transferring your Yodlee feed to a Wells Fargo direct feed

If you set up your organisation's Wells Fargo Yodlee feed, you can transfer it to a Wells Fargo direct feed.

To transfer your Yodlee feed to a direct feed:

  1. In the Accounts menu, select Bank Accounts.
  2. Find the bank account with a Wells Fargo Yodlee feed. Take note of the date that your last statement was imported.

    Image showing the last statment import date in the bank accounts screen.

  3. Click Manage Account, then click Convert to Direct.
  4. Click Login & Connect Accounts.
  5. Enter your Wells Fargo online banking username and password, then click Sign On.
  6. Select the account you'd like to connect with Xero, then click Continue.
  7. Select the checkbox to confirm that you've read the Terms and Conditions, then click Connect My Accounts.
  8. Click Connect to a Xero bank account, then select the bank account that currently has a Yodlee feed in Xero.
  9. Check the import date. If there's a gap between the date you noted in Step 2 and the date shown on this screen, click Edit and change the date.

    Image showing the edit transaction import link.

  10. Click Connect.

The Yodlee feed will be automatically disconnected. Your bank transactions will immediately import into Xero.

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