Manage your Projects subscription

If you’re the subscriber for your organisation, you can add Projects to your subscription so you can track and manage projects in Xero. You can also unsubscribe from Projects, or restore access to Projects if you want to resume using it.

About Projects subscriptions

  • Projects subscriptions are based on a fixed monthly fee and a per-user basis. The monthly fee includes the first user at no extra charge, then a monthly per-person fee for each active user.
  • You're considered an active user if you use any Projects feature within a month, such as adding or closing a project, creating invoices from a project, or adding time or expenses to a project.
  • You're also considered an active user if someone adds time on your behalf. However, you won't be considered an active user if someone else views your time entries.
  • If you only view project information, or run project-related reports in a month, you're not considered an active user and won’t be billed that month.
  • When you restore access to Projects all of your past projects and information will be there and ready for you to use.
  • Non-subscribers only see the Projects tab once the subscription has been added to their organisation and they’ve been given the Projects user role.

Add, restore, or cancel your Projects subscription

If you're the subscriber, either:

  • Select the Projects tab, then click Add to subscription.
  • Click the list icon and select My Xero, then select Subscriptions & Billing.

This takes you to the Subscriptions & Billing page where you can manage your Projects subscription and select how many users in your organisation will have access to Projects.