Expense Claims

Enter and manage expense claims for yourself in your organisation in Expense Claims. An expense claim is a collection of receipts from spending personal money that the organisation needs to pay back to you. After submitting an expense claim, you will be reimbursed for your spending.

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To get to expense claims, go to Accounts > Expense Claims. You can only submit and view your own expense claim unless your role allows you to approve your claim and those of others in the organisation. 

If a transaction has gone through your organisation's bank account and you are not to be reimbursed personally, enter the spending as a spend money transaction. You won't need to submit an expense claim for it.

Expense claims main

Expense claims process

This is an overview of the expense claims process with the most typical process shown as the main route.

Claims processStep 1.  Create expense claim.Step 2. Submit expense claim.Step 3. Approve receipts on claim.Step 4. Authorise payment for claim.Step 5. Pay claim.Step 6. Reconcile payment.Alternative step between steps 4 & 5. Enter payment on claim.Link to users who can add and submit expense claims.Link to users who can approve expense claims.

The difference between receipts and claims

It's important to note the difference between a receipt and the claim before you start.

  • A claim contains 1 or more receipts that you enter from personal spending you want to be reimbursed for.
  • The claim is the thing that is submitted, approved and paid.
  • Each receipt on the claim is not submitted, approved and paid individually unless you individually check the box and submit each receipt which will make that receipt the claim.
  • When you submit the claim for approval, all receipts on the claim or just those you've checked the box for will be submitted as a claim. Once approved the claim (i.e. all receipts on it) is authorised with a reporting date and payment date.
  • If you want to report or make payments for receipts in batches or at different times, make sure you only submit those receipts as your claim with the appropriate reporting and payment dates and not all receipts displayed on the current claim.

Your current expense claim is always displayed first up when you come to the Expense Claim section.

Expense claim

  1. Your expense claim is on the Current Claim tab.
  2. The Submit for Approval button submits all receipt together as 1 claim, unless you check the boxes for individual receipts to be submitted as a claim by themselves.
  3. Checking the box for a receipt then selecting the Delete button deletes the receipt off the expense claim.
  4. The paperclip icon means there's a file attachment on the receipt. This is likely to be an electronic copy of the actual receipt or reimbursement.

Once a claim is approved, payments are applied to the claim even if a payment only represents one receipt on that claim. Many payments can be made against a claim until it is fully paid.

Authorised claims can be voided as a whole. Individual receipts cannot be deleted off a claim or moved to another claim that hasn't been authorised.

If you're reviewing and submitting claims for your staff, and you require them to submit individual receipts or receipt at different times they will need to know this before they submit their expense claim.

What will show under Expense Claims

Your current claim will always display and will show one of two things.

When Expense claims shows no receipts

The claim will be empty if you have not yet added receipts. This might happen if this is the first time you have used an expense claim, or you have submitted a previous expense claim and are ready to start a new one. To ‘start’ an expense claim, add a receipt to it.

When Expense claims shows some receipts

If you are part way through entering receipts into your expense claim, these will be displayed. You can add more receipts, submit the claim for approval or delete receipts.

exp - current - some.png

If you've entered receipts onto your claim, the running total of your current claim is displayed on the Dashboard as the 'Your Current Claim' total in the Expense Claims section.

The total of your current claim and the current claims of other users in your organisation will display as the 'All Current Claims' total in the Expense Claims section of the Dashboard. You cannot access the current claims of other users.

If a user is deleted from your organisation, make sure they submit the current claim or delete all the receipts off it.

Add and delete receipts from your claim

Add personal receipts into your expense claim by clicking Add Receipt.

exp - add receipt.png

Enter as many receipts as necessary (up to 30 at a time) in order to record all your personal spending. You can attach an electronic copy of the actual paper receipt.

If your organisation allows you to claim a daily rate, you can add this as one receipt for the daily allowance.

If your organisation allows you to claim mileage you can use an expense claim for this. Enter all mileage for a period or record specific trips across one or more receipts.

You don’t need to enter the receipts all at once. Depending on when your organisation requires you to submit expense claims you can just add receipts as and when you spend your own money.

Click into any receipt already entered to edit it.

Select receipt

Delete expense claim

exp - current - delete receipt.png

Using the checkboxes, select those receipts you want to delete and click Delete.

To clear your expense claim and start over select all receipts and click Delete.

Receipts can be deleted off your own claim before the claim has been submitted. If you have the Adviser user role, you can delete your own receipts in this way or delete receipts off other people's claims that are on the Awaiting Authorisation tab.

History and notes

exp - current - add claim note.png

View the expense claim history or add a note to this claim using History & Notes. You can add specific notes to each individual receipt if required when you add a receipt.

Submit your current claim

On your current claim (shown by default) use the checkboxes to select all or some the receipts you want to submit for reimbursement.

exp - current - submit.png

  • You don’t need to submit all of the receipts at once.
  • The receipts not submitted will remain on the current expense claim.
  • The receipts submitted will become a ‘Pending’ expense claim until authorised for payment back to you.
  • You can track an expense claim’s progress on the Previous Claims tab.

Once the claim is submitted a confirmation notification will display where you can choose to view an Expense Claim Summary report. This report shows a summary of the claim.

exp - current - confirmation bar.png

Expense claims tabs

View all the claims you have submitted & their status

Previous claims

All the claims that you have previously submitted for reimbursement will display with a status depending on the actions of the approver.
Find out more about previous expense claims

Claims submitted that you need to authorise for payment

Awaiting Authorisation claims

Someone who can approve reimbursement for personal spending will see a list of all the expense claims submitted that they need to authorise. Your user role may limit you to view only access for your claims, and no one else's.
Expense claims role comparison
Find out more about expense claims awaiting authorisation

Claims that have been authorised and need to be paid

exp - aw pay tab.png

Someone who can pay expense claims can see a list of all claims that are ready for payment and when they’re due to be paid. Expense claims can be marked as paid from here or during the reconciliation process as with invoices or bills. Your user role may limit you to view only access for your claims, and no one else's.
Expense claims role comparison
Find out more about expense claims awaiting payment

All the claims that have been authorised for the organisation

exp - archive tab.png

Someone who can approve expense claims will see all those that have been authorised for the organisation. Your user role will determine whether you have access to this tab.
Expense claims role comparison
Find out more about expense claims that are archived

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