Payment Summary Details report

The Payment Summary Details report shows employee payroll information as it will be displayed on payment summaries. You can use it to identify amounts that will be included on your employees payment summaries or verifying any Lump Sum or RFB amounts.

You should be careful if using this report to reconcile wages as only whole dollars are shown, cents are not included.

Run the report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Payroll, click ... to expand the section if the report is hidden.
  3. Click Payment Summary Details.
  4. From Employees, select whether to show all employees, a specific employee, or a group.
  5. From Financial Year, select the financial year you want to report on.
  6. Click Update to run the report.

Show Employment Basis and CDEP columns

There are two columns available that are not in the default view. These are Employment Basis and CDEP. If you would like to see this information on screen, simply use the show/hide column drop-down.

Image showing Employment Basis being ticked, and CDEP highlighted.

If you export your report, all columns will be included by default.