Adjust previous payroll payments

If you have Payroll Admin access, make an unscheduled pay run to correct your payroll payments. For example, you can enter missed pay items or correct a wages payment. You can go back eight pay periods from the current date (today's date). You can't go back to a previous year if adjusting quarterly pay runs.

How it works

Use an unscheduled pay run to:

  • Process one-off out of cycle pay runs.
  • Adjust an existing pay run (but not for your normal pay runs).
  • Process a negative pay run (that includes the negative wages, taxes, and net pay) to reverse incorrect wages and taxes.

Create and post an unscheduled pay run

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Pay Runs.
  2. Remove any existing draft pay runs in the period you want to use (you can only have one pay run for each pay period).
  3. Click Add Pay Run.
  4. From Select a pay period, select Unscheduled pay run.
  5. Select a pay calendar and a pay period.

    If you're correcting a mistake from an earlier pay run, make sure you select the same pay calendar and period as the incorrect pay run.

  6. Click Next.
  7. Select Included for each employee you want in the pay run, or click Included then select Include all.

    Include all employees

  8. (Optional) Click the employee name, amend their payslip, then click Save. Repeat for each employee as needed.
  9. Click Post Pay Run.
  10. Click Yes to confirm.

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