Enter employee opening balances for payroll

If you've started in the middle of a financial year, or have transferred from another payroll system, you'll need to record your employees' opening balances. This includes earnings, deductions, reimbursements, taxes, superannuation, and any other items processed in an employee's pay this current financial year.

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Employees.
  2. Click the name of the employee you want to set an opening balance for.
  3. Click the Opening Balances tab.
  4. Click the Opening Balances as at date to change the opening balance date.

    Click on the date next to Opening Balances as at to change it.

  5. Select the date you want and click OK.
  6. Click Add [Pay Item] Line.
  7. Enter details for each opening balance. For example, click Add Earnings Line to add an earnings balance.

    You can add opening balances for leave under the Leave tab.

  8. Click Save.

What's next »

Post the amounts to the general ledger through conversion balances or a manual journal.

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