Submit payment summary report to the ATO

Lodge your payment summary report with the ATO either through Xero if you have no more than 99 employees, or download and lodge the report through the ATO portal using EMPDUPE.

How it works

Option 1: Lodge the report through Xero

If you have no more than 99 employee payment summaries:

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Employees.
  2. Click Payment Summaries.
  3. Click Confirm and Continue.
  4. Select all employees and click File Now.
  5. Select Yes if you are the agent lodging this information and add your details.
  6. Select the Authorisation To File declaration checkbox.
  7. Click File Now.

The annual report is filed at the ATO if all payment summaries are accepted. If it can't be filed, you'll need to fix the relevant payment summaries and submit the file again.

Option 2: Download and lodge the report to the ATO

If you have more than 99 employee payment summaries:

  1. From the Payment Summaries screen, select all employees.
  2. From the File Now list, click Create EMPDUPE.
  3. Image showing File now button.

  4. Click Yes to include the agent details and enter the relevant information.
  5. Click Create EMPDUPE. The file is downloaded to your computer.
  6. Upload and lodge the file through the ATO Online Portal.
  7. Log in to the portals (ATO website).