Expense claims

An expense claim is a collection of receipts from personal spending that needs to be reimbursed by the business. Each user in your organisation, with a role other than Read Only, can add receipts to record their expenses. They can then submit an expense claim to be reviewed and approved by a user with the required user role.

Xero is preparing to launch a new Expenses service for all Xero Business edition subscriptions to replace the existing Expense Claims feature.

How it works

  • Each user in your organisation can add receipts for their own personal spending. They can't enter a receipt on behalf of someone else. Once all receipts have been added in Xero, a claim can be submitted for approval.
  • The claim is reviewed by a user with the Adviser, Standard, Invoice Only + Approve and Pay, or Invoice Only + Purchases user role. They can approve or decline the full expense claim, or review each receipt individually.
  • Once approved, a claim must be authorised for payment. It's given a reporting date and payment date. It can then be fully or partially paid.
  • Expense claims can be edited, deleted, or voided depending on the status of the claim.