Using the partner address look up

Look up your physical address when you enter the contact details for your practice.

How it works

The address look up automatically searches for your address as you type. When it finds a match, you can select it and the rest of your address details will be filled in for you. This ensures that your address will be geocoded, which means it will appear on a map in the Practice Settings screen and as a map link to your premises in online invoices.

If you enter the wrong address or your address changes, you can reset your address details, which will also reset the geocoding. You can also easily copy your physical address to your postal address.

Search for your address

Physical address look up showing list of potential matches

  1. Begin typing your address in the Physical address box.
  2. Click on your address when you see it appear in the list.
  3. Review the address details and edit if required.
  4. You can edit your address to include information like building level or PO box if, for example, the address details are incomplete or you don't have a physical office. Your location will still appear on the map.
  5. (Optional) If your postal address is different from your physical address, clear the Same as physical address checkbox and enter your postal address.

If you want to enter a new physical address and have it geocoded so it appears on the map, click Reset. You can then search for and select the new address.

If you can't find your physical address using the look up, you can click Can't find your address? and enter your details manually. Just be aware that your address won't be geocoded so it won't appear on the map in your online invoices.