Work with your accountant or bookkeeper

Here's a collection of activities that don't typically occur on a daily basis that you'll likely get your accountant or bookkeeper to help you with or do for you. Some of these activities and tools require a specific user role.

Management Reporting

Create annual & monthly management reports
Xero reports can be collated, annotated with commentary and footnotes and published as a PDF or exported (with full formulae in tact) to Excel or Google Sheets.

Customise report layout
Several reports in Xero can be customised to show groups accounts or move the position of accounts on reports.

Review and publish the activity statement
Once you have completed your activity statement or done as much of it as you can, you can ask your accountant or bookkeeper to log in and review what you've done directly from the return in Xero.


Fixed Assets

Lock dates

Set and work with lock dates
Lock periods or each year end as the accounts are finalised for certain time frames. Lock dates will prevent users from entering or editing any transactions in the locked period.


If you're not sure how to enter or update your account balances in Xero or your accounts have been locked, you might like to get your accountant or bookkeeper to help with this.


User roles

Add or edit users
Add your accountant or bookkeeper (or edit them if they are already a user) and give them the Adviser user role so that they can access the full accounting functions of Xero.

Change practice profile and contact details
If you're using Xero Partner Edition, make sure your clients see your name and contact details when they log in to Xero by updating your practice details.