Set up a Yodlee feed

Set up a Yodlee feed to import account transactions into Xero automatically from your bank or other financial institution. To set up a Yodlee feed, add your account in Xero, connect to online banking, then activate the feed and import historical account transactions.

Before you start

Check a Yodlee feed for this account is not already set up

Make sure another user of your organization has not already set up a Yodlee feed for this account number.

Set up your first Yodlee feed

Add your account in Xero and connect to online banking

  1. Add your bank account in Xero. Check the account number in Xero matches the account number for the Yodlee feed you want to set up.

    If you've already entered your bank account, go to Accounts, then click Bank Accounts. Find the account you want to set up the feed for, then click the Get Bank Feeds button.

    If Xero has a direct feed with your bank, then you'll go directly to the setup page.

    Enter your online banking login and password details.

    Read and agree to the Automatic Bank Feeds Terms & Conditions, then click Next so Yodlee can connect to your online banking site.

    Image showing Activate Bank Feeds screen where you enter you bank login and password to connect to your online bank.

Activate the feed and import transactions

Once Xero has successfully connected to your online banking site through Yodlee, activate the feed by selecting the account you want feeds from.

  1. Go to Accounts, then click Bank Accounts.
  2. Find the account you have set up Yodlee feeds for. Click the Start Bank Feed Now button.

    Image showing the Start Your Feed Now button on the dashboard.

  3. Select the account you want feeds from.

    All accounts you access through online banking using the same login details appear.

    Image showing the list of accounts to select for your Yodlee bank feed.

  4. (Optional) If your online banking site uses multi-factor authentication, you can choose to let others refresh the feed.

    What is multi-factor authentication?

    Multi-factor authentication is additional verification, on top of login details, required before someone can access a secure website.

    Additional verification may be a security question, a security image, or a security token.

    Image showing option to allow others to refresh the bank feed.

Add another feed using the same online banking login details

After you've activated a Yodlee feed, you can set up feeds for other accounts at the same bank or financial institution, provided you use the same online banking login to access them.

Simply add the accounts in Xero that you want feeds for, then activate the feed.

Add your bank account in Xero

Activate the feed and import transactions

Add another feed using different online banking login details

Do you access multiple accounts at the same bank or financial institution using different login details?

For each bank or financial institution you can only use one set of login details for Yodlee feeds.

To set up feeds with a different set of login details, ask another user to log in and add the accounts you haven't set up feeds for. They will need to enter the second set of login details.

You may need to invite another user into your organization first.

After you've finished

Check imported statement lines

After you've activated the feed and the transactions have been loaded. Refresh your screen and check that your online banking transactions have imported as statement lines into Xero.

If you want to import more transactions, you can manually Import them into Xero.

Refresh your Yodlee feed if your account uses multi-factor authentication

Refresh the feed at least monthly, or give other users permission to refresh it.

If your account does not have multi-factor authentication, your feed refreshes automatically each night. You may want to refresh your feed occasionally to bring in the most recent transactions from online banking.

Refresh a Yodlee feed