My bank account in Xero has a Yodlee feed, why don't my transactions match online banking?

If you have set up a Yodlee feed, your transactions should match online banking, but delays may occur. Check if any of these reasons may have caused the delay.

  • You haven't refreshed the feed recently.
  • Check if the Yodlee site or your banking site is working as it should be. For example, if your banking site is down, Yodlee won't be able to retrieve the latest data from your account.
  • See if your bank or financial institution's online banking site has changed. (If data changes significantly, it may affect the accuracy and reliability of your feed.)
  • There may be delays based on your time zone. Try refreshing the feed again later.

Once your feed has refreshed, if you still have missing transactions, you can import a bank statement into Xero.

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