Understanding your partner invoice

Each month we invoice you for your practice's Xero subscriptions. The invoice is an online one, and can be imported directly into Xero as a bill. It can also be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file, and contains a link to a detailed breakdown of the charges.

How to access the invoice

Each month we email you a link to that month's online invoice. The email goes to the address set in the billing account contact details.

You can also access your online invoices for the past 24 months while logged into Xero. Open the online statement, then click on the relevant invoice number.

What shows on the invoice

  • Each billing account receives a separate invoice, so your Partner edition and Business edition organizations will be invoiced separately.
  • Charges and discounts are shown exclusive of tax, with total tax shown beneath the subtotal.
  • Each invoice line shows the total charge for all organizations on a particular pricing plan.
  • To open a CSV file of the detailed charges for each organization, click the link under the Attached Documents section in the bottom left corner of the invoice.

Invoices issued before July 2017 won't include the CSV attachment of detailed charges. You can contact Xero Support if you need the breakdown for an earlier invoice.

What you can do with the invoice

At the top of the online invoice are options to save the invoice to PDF, CSV or Xero, and to open a statement of recent invoices.

  • Click Save to PDF or Save to CSV to save the invoice to your computer in that format.
  • Click Save to Xero to save the invoice as a draft bill in your practice organization.
  • Click Recent Bills to open a statement of your most recent Xero invoices. You can open an invoice from the statement by clicking it.

How the discount is calculated

  • Your discount percentage is based on your partner status.
  • The discount only applies to Business Edition pricing plans (Starter, Standard and Premium), not to Partner edition plans (Ledger and Cashbook).
  • The discount does not apply to any additional fees for bank feeds, payroll charges etc.
  • To qualify for the discount you must have only one Business Edition and one Partner Edition billing account, paid by you or your business. For more details see our Partner Agreement.
  • You must also have at least one staff member who is currently Xero advisor certified. You can check which staff are advisor certified in your Xero HQ practice overview .

You can combine subscriptions into a single billing account to qualify for the partner discount. If you have a lot of organizations to move, contact Xero Support to let us know you'd like them moved, and which billing account you want to use.

The partner discount will not automatically apply to organizations created using a different regional version of Xero (eg if you're an Australian partner with a subscription for a New Zealand organization). To ensure the discount is applied, contact Xero Support to let us know you've added a subscription using a different version.

Subscription payments

  • If you became a Xero Partner before 1 August 2017, you'll receive your subscription invoice at the end of your monthly billing period. Your card will be charged on the date shown in your email from Xero Subscription Notifications. If you've set up direct debit, your account is charged 10 days after the invoice was issued.
  • If you became a Xero Partner on or after 1 August 2017, you'll be invoiced at the beginning of the monthly billing period. Your debit or credit card will be charged on the same day that you're invoiced. If you've set up direct debit, your account is charged 10 days after the invoice was issued.
  • If your subscription invoice includes fees for payroll or direct bank feed, these charges will cover the previous month's consumption. You won't be charged in advance.
  • An overdue payment can be made at any time.

Change your billing date

To change your billing date, contact Xero Support. We don't invoice on the 29th, 30th or 31st of a month.

Invoices are in AUD, NZD, GBP or USD

You'll be billed in AUD, NZD, GBP or USD depending on which country you chose when you added your subscription to Xero.

Subscription prices for subscriptions outside Australia, New Zealand or United Kingdom are in USD.

If you added subscriptions for different countries, each has a different billing account and receives separate invoices.