Try the demo company in Xero for Android

If you're new to Xero, you can try the demo company in Xero for Android for free. A demo company has fictional data that you can use to see what it's like to use Xero.

  1. Open Xero for Android, then tap Try it for free.
  2. Enter your details and select the country that your business is located in.
  3. Agree to Xero's terms of use.
  4. Open your email account, then click the activation link in the email from Xero.
  5. Your web browser will open. Enter a password. This email address and password will be your Xero login.
  6. Open Xero for Android. You may need to tap Return to login.
  7. Enter your email address and password, then tap Login.
  8. Choose if you'd like to use your fingerprint (on compatible devices) or a 4-digit PIN. You can opt to skip this step if you'd prefer to enter your email address and password every time you log in to Xero for Android.
  9. Tap Try our demo company to create a demo company.