Permissions in Xero HQ

Learn about the permissions available for staff in Xero HQ.

You need to have the Administrator or Master administrator Xero HQ user role to add staff to your practice, change their user role, or edit their permissions.
Image of the Edit permissions screen in Xero HQ

Xero HQ permission

You can give Standard and Standard (Consultant) users permission to only view or to edit a client's details. Administrator and Master administrator users can edit the details for all clients by default.

In addition, when you change a user's role you can set the permission to let a user edit the report templates for the practice.

Xero organization access

If the client is connected to Xero, you can set the Xero organization access for the staff member. Your choice determines the staff member's user role in the client's Xero organization. The list of choices depends on the client's Xero plan.

Extra permissions within clients' Xero organizations

If the client is connected to Xero and you've given the staff member any organization access other than Read only, you can set extra permissions. The available options depend on the client's Xero plan.

  • Manage users - Lets the staff member add a new user, change their role and permissions, or delete them from the client's Xero organization.
  • Payroll access - Gives the staff member access to payroll in the client's Xero organization.
  • Provide support - Allows the client to ask your staff member questions from within Xero.
Staff members with the Standard (Consultant) user role cannot manage users or provide support.