Make the most of your Xero Advisor Directory listing

Find out how to use Xero's Advisor Directory to promote your practice's strengths and connect with potential clients.

  • Add your logo

    Your logo appears in your listing and attracts attention and increases awareness of your brand. We recommend using a 100px by 100px image in PNG format with no white space around the logo.

  • Promote your practice in the practice description

    The practice description is limited to 820 characters, so make every one count. It's your chance to spotlight your practice's point of difference and vision for your clients. Be succinct and use keywords for the services and industries you want to target.

  • If you have several offices, include the addresses for all of them

    Location matters. Proximity can be a big factor for a client choosing an advisor. Adding addresses for all of your offices ensures that you'll be found when people search by location. In addition, the more clients you have in a location, the higher your listing appears in the results.

  • Update the industry information for your clients

    Searches based on industry type use the information you enter about your clients to determine your ranking in the search. To raise your visibility, enter the industry information for all of your clients in Xero HQ Explorer.

  • Leverage your partner status

    Make sure you keep your certification current, maintain at least Xero bronze partner status ( website), and build your partner points. The more points you have, the higher you'll feature.

    For our Xero Champion partners, not only will your practice have even more visibility in the search results, but you can also add a video to your profile to distinguish your practice further. You can add a YouTube or Vimeo video to really showcase your practice to potential clients.

  • Follow up is everything

    When a potential client would like you to get in touch, we'll send you an email message. Make sure you check your email regularly and respond to contact requests.

  • Put your practice in the spotlight

    Optimize your Xero Advisor Directory listing ( website).

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