Add staff to your Xero Advisor Directory listing

Select the Xero-certified members of your staff that you want to feature on your Xero Advisor Directory listing.

When you set up your Xero Advisor Directory listing initially, Xero HQ guides you through the process. Selecting your staff is the third step in that process. Once you've completed the initial set up, you can come back at any time and change or add details.

To select your practice staff:

  1. Go to Practice and select Advisor Directory, then click Your staff.
  2. Select the staff members to appear on your listing.
  3. When you are ready, click Update listing, or continue and update your practice details or contact details.

You can select any staff member in your practice, but only Xero certified staff members will appear on your listing. Xero certified members are identified with a certification badge Image of the Xero certification badge.

In addition to being Xero certified, any staff member you select to appear on your Xero Advisor Directory listing must make their user profile public.