Set up the contact information for your Xero Advisor Directory listing

Enter the information that will allow clients to contact you through your Xero Advisor Directory listing, including your email address and telephone number, and the location of your office.

Enter your contact information

When you set up your Xero Advisor Directory listing initially, Xero HQ guides you through the process. Entering your contact information is the second step in that process. Once you've completed the initial set up, you can come back at any time and change or add details.

  1. Go to Practice and select Advisor Directory, then click Contact information.
  2. Enter or update your contact details.
  3. When you are ready, click Update listing, or continue on and update your practice details or practice staff.

Contact information fields explained

At a minimum, you must enter your email address and at least one office address. If you don't have a public office, you can show this on your listing instead.
  • In the Email for Advisor Directory messages field, enter the email address that clients can use to contact you.
  • In the Phone field enter your contact telephone number.
  • Under Where is your office located? either:
    • Select the We're an online practice without a public office location check box. When someone searches the Xero Advisor Directory by location, your practice will appear in the results based on the address information provided by your existing Xero clients.
    • If you select the online practice check box, you won't be able to enter any additional contact details apart from one email address and one telephone number.
    • Look up the office address for your practice. Begin typing in the Full street address field, then select the correct address from the list. This geocodes your address, which ensures that your practice will appear in the results when someone searches the Xero Advisor Directory by location.
    • (Optional) In the Extra details box, enter additional information to help clients find your office, such as floor or office number.
    • If your address doesn't appear in the list, click Can't find my address for directions on adding your office location.
  • (Optional) Click Add another office to include up to 10 locations in your listing. Each additional location can have its own email address, telephone number, and street address.

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