Import your clients from Xero Practice Manager into Xero HQ

If you use Xero Practice Manager, you can quickly and accurately import your clients from Xero Practice Manager into Xero HQ. Then you can take advantage of Xero HQ’s single client list to manage all of your clients in one place.

You can only import your clients into Xero HQ once. You cannot undo this process and import your clients again. We recommend that you review the tips for getting started with Xero HQ before you begin.

You must have Principal or Practice Administrator permissions and access to the practice in Practice Manager to import clients into Xero HQ.

How it works

When you import your clients from Xero Practice Manager, Xero HQ tries to match them with your existing clients in Xero using details from both systems.

  1. Xero HQ first compares the Name in Xero Practice Manager against the Display name in the Xero organization. If they don't match then Xero HQ creates a new client using the details from Xero Practice Manager.
  2. If the names do match closely then Xero HQ looks at additional details: telephone numbers, emails, and addresses. If these details match closely, Xero HQ puts the client into the Perfect Match group, which you can then review and merge as a group.
  3. If the additional details do not match then Xero HQ puts the client into the Near Match group for you to review and merge individually.

Whether Xero HQ creates a new client or you merge duplicate clients, additional details from Xero Practice Manager or Xero are added to the client in Xero HQ. These may include:

  • Organization type
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Website

Import clients

  1. Go to Clients, then click:
    • Import Clients on the banner above the client list
    • Import from Practice Manager under the groups list on the left side of the screen, if the banner is not visible
  2. Click Log in to Practice Manager.
  3. In the Workflow Max login screen, enter your login details and click Login.
  4. Select the Xero Practice Manager account to import clients from, then click Authorize.
  5. (Optional) Click Hide on the import screen to return to the client list, and allow the import to continue in the background. The banner will show the progress of the import.
  6. When the import finishes, review and merge clients.