About queries

Learn more about Ask queries. Work with the query list, and drill into the details of a query.

The query list

The list in the Queries tab gives you an overview of your queries.

Image of a query list entry.

Each entry shows you:

  • The name of the client
  • The query name
  • The due date, financial period, and the date the query was created or last sent to the client
  • A progress indicator representing how many questions have been answered
  • If you have the Administrator or Master administrator Xero HQ user role, you can also see who created the query

Image of the menu for sorting the query list in Ask in Xero HQ

You can sort the list by progress, due date, or the name of the client, in either ascending or descending order.

Menu icon

Your choices when you click the menu icon Xero HQ menu icon depend on the status of the query.

Menu itemWhenLets you
Resend queryQuery has already been sentResend query to client
Send queryQuery is a draft and hasn't been sentSend a query to a contact for answers
Add questionsQuery has been completed by client and submittedAdd new questions to a submitted query
Add or edit questionsQuery has been submitted by client, but not all questions have been answeredAdd new questions or edit unanswered ones
PreviewQuery is a draftView a draft query
Edit query detailsQuery has been createdEdit details like client, query name, financial period and due date
Copy queryQuery has been createdCopy sections and questions of a query and send to a different client
Delete queryQuery is a draftDelete a draft query
Close queryQuery has been sentClose a finished query and move it to the Closed group
Go to client cardQuery has been createdSee the client associated with the query

Query details

Click an entry in the list to see more information about the query, as well as details about the questions and answers. You can:

  • Change the query details
  • Add or reorder questions
  • Preview a draft query
  • Change unanswered questions
  • Send a reminder
  • Copy the query
  • Close the query