Projects access

If you have Manage Users permissions you can give or remove Projects access to a user you have already invited to your organization.

You can only activate Xero Projects through your accountant or bookkeeper. If you need an advisor, see our Xero advisor directory (

About Projects access

What a Projects User can see and do depends on their user role.

  • None + Projects User - Will only see the Projects and Reports tabs when they log into Xero. Can use all Projects-related features within Projects itself, such as viewing project overviews and time entries, but not in other areas of Xero, such as assigning a bill to a project. They’ll only be able to run Projects reports.
  • Invoice Only + Projects - Can use all Projects features. They can run Projects reports, but not non-Projects reports. What they can do on an invoice created from a Projects depends on their level of access to invoices.
  • Read Only + Projects - Can use all Projects features and run Projects reports. Can't edit or approve invoices, or run non-Projects reports.
  • Standard + Projects - Can use all Projects features. If you're Standard + No Reports user they can only run Projects reports.
  • Advisor + Projects - Can use all Projects features and have full access to invoices and reports.

Give someone Projects access

  • In the Settings menu, select General Settings.
  • Under Organization, select Users.
  • Click on a user.
  • Select Projects User.
  • (Optional) Set the user role to None.
  • Click Save.

Remove Projects access

To remove Projects access for a user, deselect the Projects User role that is selected for them. The user will no longer see the Projects tab in Xero, or have access to Projects reports.