Can't log in to Xero

If you're having trouble logging in to Xero, try these suggestions to see if you can fix the problem.

Forgotten your Xero password?

If you have forgotten your password, or are locked out after entering your password too many times, you can reset your password from the Xero login page.

Changed your Xero login recently?

If you've changed the email address or password that you use to log in to Xero, your web browser may have saved your old login information.

If you clear your cookies and cache, you can delete this data if you select 'Passwords', however this will remove all passwords saved in your browser.

If you'd like to delete only your old Xero login, you can remove this in your browser settings:

  • Chrome
    1. Click menu icon, then select Settings.
    2. Click Show advanced settings.
    3. Click Manage passwords.
    4. Click on, then click X.
    5. Click Done.
  • Internet Explorer
    1. Click the cog icon, then select Internet Options.
    2. Click Content, then click Settings.
    3. Click Manage Passwords.
    4. Click Web Credentials Manager.
    5. Click the drop down arrow next to Xero, click Remove.
  • Microsoft Edge
    1. Click the menu icon, then click Settings.
    2. Click Advanced Settings.
    3. Click Manage my saved passwords.
    4. Click X next to
  • Mozilla Firefox
    1. Click the menu icon, then select Options.
    2. Click Security.
    3. Click Saved Logins….
    4. Select Xero, then click Remove.
  • Safari
    1. Go to Preferences, then click Passwords.
    2. Highlight the line showing, then click Remove.

Logged in to Xero using a bookmark?

If you logged into Xero using a bookmark in your browser, try refreshing your session. To do this, log out of Xero, then log back in using

Need more help?

Check Xero's System Status page

Go to Xero's System Status page to see if Xero is experiencing any system issues that could stop you logging in. We update this page as we identify and resolve issues.

Contact Xero Support

If these suggestions haven't helped, get in touch with Xero Support. Let us know if you have tried the above suggestions. The more detail you can provide, the faster we can help.