Contact not receiving an email sent through Xero

If you've sent an email through Xero and it has bounced, you'll receive an automated email with an error message listed. Use this page to help troubleshoot the problem.

What can I do to prevent emails from bouncing?

Check the contact's email address

Make sure you've entered the correct email address in Xero. If the user name (the section before the @) or in the domain name (the section after the @) is spelled wrong, your email will bounce.

If you've confirmed the domain is correct and you still can't send an email, there may be an issue with the recipient's mail server.

Ask your contact to update their email settings

Your contacts should add to their email safe senders list (also known as a whitelist). They may need their IT administrator to do this.

If you receive an error message after the contact adds to their safe senders list, they'll need to check with their email provider to see why Xero emails are bouncing.

Why did my email bounce?

If the Xero mail server can't deliver an email, you'll receive an automated email with an error message listed. Common errors include:

Error Reason the email bounced

500-599 errors

The recipient's email server marked the email as spam, or has blocked Xero as a sender.
MX lookup failedThe recipient's email address is invalid.
MX server not foundThe recipient's mail server is offline.