Move your trial organization to a pricing plan

If you're using a free trial of Xero, start paying to continue with your organization in Xero.

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing the list icon, then select My Xero.

  2. Find the organization you want and click Pay now.

    Image showing the My Xero screen and the Pay Now link.

  3. Choose the pricing plan.
  4. Enter your billing account contact and payment details.
  5. Review and confirm your subscription and payment details.

Effects of changing from a trial to pricing plan

Changing from a trial organization to an organization on a pricing plan has these effects:

  • Your organization and data doesn't change. Any users you’ve added, reports you’ve published, inventory items or chart of accounts you’ve created will all be the same.
  • You'll start paying for your organization from the day you leave the trial and enter your billing details.
  • Trial limits no longer exist. Whatever pricing plan you choose, you'll start with that plan's features from then on.

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