View the online invoice for your Xero subscription

Each month we issue an online invoice for your Xero subscription. View the invoice in a web browser, then save it as a draft bill in Xero, or as a PDF or CSV file on your computer. You can also view a statement for your organization, with links to your invoices from the last 24 months.

Image of a online invoice for a Xero subscription.
If you receive a subscription discount, it will display in a single line item with the pricing plan name that it applies to.

Save invoice as a draft bill in Xero

  1. Click Xero in the top right corner of the invoice.
  2. If you're not already logged in to Xero, click Login and log in to Xero.
  3. If you have more than one organization in Xero, select the organization you want to save the draft bill into.
  4. Click Save.
  5. View the draft bill now or click Done.

Download invoice as a PDF or CSV file

  1. Click PDF or CSV in the top right corner of the invoice.
  2. Open the file in the downloads folder on your computer.

Practice subscribers

Practice subscribers also receive a subscription invoice CSV file which provides a detailed breakdown of charges per client organization. To save the attachment, you'll need to download it separately from the invoice.

  1. Click on the attached document link in the bottom left corner of the invoice.

    Image showing the attached document link.

  2. Click Download.
  3. Open the files in the downloads folder on your computer.

View online statement

  1. In the online invoice, click Recent Bills.

    Image showing the recent bills link in an online subscription invoice.

  2. To change the statement type, click Statement Type then select 2 months, 12 months, or Outstanding Bills.

    Image showing the options available when viewing a subscription statement online.

  3. Click the invoice number to open the invoice.
  4. To save a copy of the statement, click PDF.
If you're a practice subscriber and you originally received the invoice as a PDF, you won’t be able to access the CSV attachment when viewing that invoice online. If you need a copy of this file, contact Xero Support or check the original email from Xero Billing.