Invoice settings: overview

Change invoice, quote and purchase order numbering and the appearance of sales invoices, statements, quotes, purchase orders, receipts or remittance advices you print or email. Change payment terms, or add payment services after you've set up your organization in Xero.

Automatic number sequence

Payment terms

Show outstanding bills

Branding themes

Payment services

Your user role will determine if you can access invoice settings.

Settings role comparison

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Automatic number sequence

Define the number Xero uses when you add your next sales invoice, quote, customer credit note or purchase order.

Change numbering on sales invoices, credit notes, quotes and purchase orders

Payment terms

Set up default due dates for bills and sales invoices for your organization, or custom due dates for individual contacts.

Set up due dates (payment terms) for bills, sales invoices, contacts

Show outstanding bills

Remove or include a link on online invoices to show all outstanding bills for a contact.

Remove or include link to view outstanding bills online

Branding themes

Add a theme

Add a standard theme to do some basic customization to sales invoices, customer credit notes, statements, quotes, purchase orders, receipts or remittance advices. Add a DOCX theme - if you use Microsoft Office 2007 (or 2010) and are a confident Word user - to fully customize the appearance of invoices, credit notes, statements, quotes or purchase orders.

Edit a theme

Edit or delete a theme. Change fields in a DOCX template.

Add or edit specific theme components

Specific things you want to display on sales invoices, statements, credit notes, quotes, purchase orders, receipts or remittance advices you send to your customers.

Theme names or titles

Page layout


Fonts and barcodes


Item codes, unit price, quantity, tax


Get paid online

Payment terms

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Contact details

If you select the checkbox Show Contact Account Number, the contact's account number will appear on all PDF versions of sales invoices, bills, purchase orders, statements, credit notes, receipts and remittance advices.


Foreign currency

Using your themes

Set a default theme. You can apply themes to your sales invoices, credit notes, statements, prepayments, purchase orders, receipts and remittance advices.


Sales invoice, credit note, quote, statement or purchase order template not uploading or displaying as you'd expect?

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