Troubleshoot customized invoice display issues

Use this page to help you work out why your invoice, credit note, quote, statement or purchase order PDF isn't displaying correctly.

Why does the PDF not display the changes I made to a field?

Check these 2 things if you've moved, deleted or added a field to a DOCX template, but the changes don't display when you generate the PDF.

  1. Have you uploaded the changed template into Xero?

    Upload the template

  2. Did you check the field code view?

    Checking the field code view is the only way to be sure you've moved, deleted or added a field correctly to your template.

    Check you've deleted or moved your field correctly
    You can insert fields manually to customize your template

Why is the resolution of my logo so bad?

If you've followed our steps to add a logo, but it's still bad quality and you're using a standard branding theme, consider adding a DOCX branding theme with a logo.

How to add a DOCX theme

Why does the payment advice text cover the invoice details?

If your payment advice sits on top of the sales invoice text, it's likely you haven't left a blank line between the invoice details and payment advice when you customized your template.

How to move your payment advice to the last page explains the steps you'll need to follow to fix this.