Unrealized Gains and Losses report

The Unrealized Gains and Losses report shows the detail of unrealized foreign currency gains and losses on awaiting payment invoices, bills and credit notes. An unrealized gain (or loss) happens when the outstanding balance of your invoices or bills is revalued using a new exchange rate (ie using today’s rate or the rate at the date of the report you are running). You'll need the Standard or Advisor user role to run this report.

Access the report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Accounting, select Foreign Currency Gains and Losses.
  3. Select a date range, then click Update.
  4. Click anywhere in the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payables Balance column to view the Unrealized Gains and Losses report.

Choose the data to show in the report then generate it

Choose or update the report options then generate the report. Use the:

  • From field to choose the date when you want the report to run from
  • Date field to select the date you want to run the report for. The default date is today's date
  • Invoice Type to run the report for either bills or sales invoices
  • Currency field to pick either 1 or all of your active currencies. As there are no unrealized gains on your base currency this will not be shown
  • Sort by field to sort the report by either Date or Number. The default setting is Date.

Then use the Update button to generate your report. Use the Update button each time you change the date or other report options.

View report transactions

Your generated report will show your report transaction information in columns.

  • Date column displays the date of invoice, bill or credit note
  • Reference column shows the bill or credit note reference
  • Number column shows the sales invoice or credit note number
  • Total [currency] column displays the total amount of the transaction
  • FX Rate column displays the rate of the bank transaction
  • Due [transaction currency] column shows the amount on the transaction due in the currency you raised the transaction
  • Due [base currency] column shows the amount due in your base currency at the date of the transaction
  • Due [base currency] (revalued) column displays the amount due in your base currency revalued at the report date
  • Unrealized Gain [base currency] column shows the total of the values in the Unrealized Gains (FX) column in your base currency.

Your report might look different each time depending on whether you have filtered the report, sorted it differently or changed the periods or dates.

Select individual transactions

Click on any figure to drill down to see the transaction that is awaiting payment.

Unrealised gain and losses report detail