Supplier Invoice Report (older version)

Access the older version of the Supplier Invoice Report, a way of viewing and exporting items from Purchases. If you have multi-currency, you can switch to non-base currencies, but the report can only show one currency at a time.

To access the older version of the Supplier Invoice report:

  1. On the Reports menu, click All Reports.
  2. Under Purchases, click Supplier Invoice Report.

Help on this page:

Sort and filter the report

Sort and filter the report using the options at the top of the screen. Next, generate the report by clicking Update.

image of sort and filter options.

Use the:

  • Dates drop-down to choose the type of date to sort by. Choose from:
    • Any Date
    • Invoice Date
    • Due Date
    • Planned Date (planned payment date specified in Purchases, if any)
  • From and To fields to choose the time frame of the report.
  • Status drop-down to choose the invoice status to show:
    • Show All
    • Draft
    • Awaiting Approval
    • Awaiting Payment
    • Paid
    • Voided
    • Deleted (only applies to bills which are draft or awaiting approval)
  • Sort By drop-down to sort the report in order of:
    • Reference
    • Contact
    • Date
    • Due Date
    • Paid Date
    • Planned Date (planned payment date specified in Purchases, if any)
  • Unsent Only checkbox (if applicable) to show only payslips and pay run bills that have not been marked as sent. Note: this option is only available for those in the Payroll Admin or Read Only roles.
  • Include Deleted & Voided checkbox to show bills (and other items) which have been deleted or voided. By default the report will not show deleted and voided items.

Click Update to generate your report each time you make changes.

Update button.

If you're using multi-currency in Xero, the report will also display a Currency drop-down. This allows you to view only those bills in a specific currency.

Supplier Invoice Report main screen.

View the report

The report shows basically the same information that you can see from looking at one of the tabs in Purchases, but filtered by the options you have chosen.

Report columns

The columns show the following information (if any), within the limits you have chosen:

  • Reference: from the reference field on the item. (Note: if sorting by Reference, any items without a reference will not be sorted.)
  • Type: whether bill, credit note, overpayment, prepayment or payslip.
  • From: contact or employee name.
  • Date: date on the bill or other item.
  • Due Date: date the item is/was due (if any).
  • Planned Date: planned payment date specified in Purchases (if any).
  • Paid Date: latest date that payment was made. Note: the paid date uses the latest date from any credit allocation including payments, credit notes, prepayments or overpayments.
  • Invoice Total: including sales tax and any credit notes, prepayments or overpayments.
  • Paid: amount currently paid. Note: this amount only includes payments and excludes any allocations of credit from prepayments, credit notes or overpayments.
  • Due: amount currently due.
  • Sent: whether the item has been marked as sent or not. This column will only display for those with Payroll Admin or Read Only roles.
  • Status: the tab it currently shows on in Purchases.

Use the horizontal scroll bar or the full window view to view the full width of the report.

If you are viewing a saved or published report, you may also see notes added by someone with the Advisor user role.

Access individual items

Access an individual bill, credit note, prepayment, overpayment or payslip by clicking on the item details.

Select invoice in report to view it.

View invoice.

Next: export, save as draft, or publish the report

To add more filters or perform further calculations, you can export the report to Excel or Google Sheets. You can also convert it to PDF format for printing or sharing. Select your export option from the Export button drop-down menu.

Drop-down menu from Export button.

There is no Print button on this report, but you can export it as a PDF to print it.