Access and browse reports

Access the reporting area of Xero to run reports, and find draft, published or archived reports or use custom templates.

Access reports

Access the full range of reports from All Reports under the Reports menu.

Image showing the main reports screen with the Summary tab highlighted.

Browse for a report

The Drafts, Published and Archived tabs hold reports created by you or someone else in your organization.


  • Drafts to access reports that have been saved as draft. Draft reports are editable, and can be deleted.
  • Published to view reports saved as published. Published reports are read-only. They can only be deleted by someone with the Advisor user role, but can be archived by other users.
  • Archived to view published reports that have been archived. You can restore archived reports.
  • Custom for reports with custom settings someone has saved for your organization.
  • Summary if you want to run a report from scratch.

Click the sort icon to change the order of your reports.

Image showing user clicking the sort icon to sort the Drafts tab.

Search for a report

  1. Select the type of report that you are looking for. For example, if you're looking for a report you saved as a draft, select the Drafts tab.

    Image showing the Reports tabs with Drafts highlighted by cursor.

  2. Enter your term in the search box. You can search for reports:

    • By report name. For example, you could enter 'balance' if you are looking for a Balance Sheet.
    • By a person's name (whoever prepared the report).

    Image showing published reports being filtered by search term 'balance'.