Inventory Item Sales report

The Inventory Item Sales report shows a list of approved invoices and receive money transactions that make up the total sales for an untracked inventory item. Drill down from the Sales by Item report to get to this report.

Your user role determines if you can see this report, and whether you can save and publish it or just view it.

Run the Inventory Item Sales report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Inventory, click Sales By Item.
  3. Select a Date and if you want to Sort by Item Code or Description.
  4. Click Update to run the report with the settings you've chosen.
  5. Drill down into the report to get to the Inventory Item Sales report. To do this, hover over an item until the arrow appears. Click on the arrow and select Show Transactions.

image showing cursor over arrow

Use the Item field to choose from your list of inventory items. Not all inventory items will display in this list, only those items that have ever been used on an invoice or receive money transaction. The default is the item you drilled down from on the Sales by Item report.

If you're using multi-currency in Xero the report will display an additional option to change the report to display sales in all currencies. The report defaults to your base currency and you just need to uncheck this.

View transactions that make up total sales of the inventory item

The report displays all approved invoices and receive money transactions that make up the total sales of the chosen inventory item. If items don't display, it could mean:

  • They haven’t been used on approved invoices or receive money transactions.
  • The invoices have a status of draft or awaiting approval so Xero hasn't counted them as sold.

The report also displays the number of items sold and the price charged for the item on each transaction that the item was used on. The price shown is the price that you charged for the item on the transaction. This may be different from the unit price you have entered for the item on the inventory item itself.

The report will be blank if you re-run the report for a date range when the item did not appear on any transactions.

Select individual transactions

Click on the transaction date to drill down to the see the item used on the transaction.

If you are viewing a report produced by someone with the Advisor user role, you may see notes or a summary on the report. You may be able to export, archive or edit the report, depending on your user role.