Sales by Item report

The Sales by Item report shows all sales of untracked inventory items. The report also shows other sales for goods and services that aren't on your inventory list.

Your user role determines if you can see this report, and if you can save, publish or just view it.

Generate the Sales by Item report

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Under Inventory, click Sales by Item.
  3. Select a date range, and choose whether you would like to Sort by item code or description.
  4. Click Update to view your report.
If you use multi-currency in Xero, uncheck the Show in [base currency] checkbox to see the sales totals in other currencies.

View inventory items sold during the period

The report will list every item used on a receive money transaction or approved sales invoice during the period of the report. If items don't display it means you didn't use them on invoices or receive money transactions, or Xero hasn't counted them as sold. For example, they're invoices with a status of draft or awaiting approval.

Report items

Display columns explained

ItemDisplays the inventory item code and description in that order unless you choose to sort by description. Xero limits report descriptions to the first 30 characters. Descriptions that have been changed on individual transactions will not display on the report.
Current Unit PriceShows the price of this item saved against the inventory item.
Quantity SoldShows how many of these items you've sold.
TotalThe total amount of all sales of this item after discounts are deducted. If you use multi-currency, you'll see a second total column that shows the sales totals in the other currencies you've used.
Average PriceThe average price the item was sold at using all prices the item was charged at during the period.

How Xero displays prices and totals on the report

Xero displays prices and totals according to the prices you entered into the inventory item regardless of the tax that was applied on the transaction.

If you've used different prices on your transactions to those on the inventory item, the transaction prices will be used in the calculation of the total and average price. An example of this is when you've applied a discount percentage to the line item.

If any inventory items have a 0.00 price, this will display as the current unit price along with the actual price you charged for the item on your transaction(s), if not 0.00.

Select individual items

Click on an individual item to view a list of approved invoices and receive money transactions that make up the total sales of that item on the Inventory Item Sales report.

What the report summary shows

The Summary section compares the total income from untracked inventory items with income from other sources during the period of the report. Other sources can include invoices and receive money transactions for other goods and services that are not inventory items.

  • Other Sales is the total income for the period the report is run for, which do not relate to an inventory item.
  • Total Sales is the total income from all approved invoices and receive money transactions during the period of the report. This figure is always in your base currency.

    Report items