Movements in Equity (older version)

Access the older version of the Movements in Equity report.

The Movements in Equity report shows the change in your organization's net worth over the fiscal year.

Your user role will determine whether you can see this report, and if so, whether you can save and publish it or just view it.
Reports and budget role comparison

Other things you can do with this report:

This report is available as part of the management reports which you can access if you have the Advisor user role.
Management style reporting packages for month or year end

Run the report

To run the old version of the Movements in Equity report:

  1. On the Reports menu, click All Reports.
  2. Under Financial, click Movements in Equity. The report shows data for the end of your fiscal year by default.
  3. Balance Date: Select a different month if you wish.
  4. Compare to: Choose whether to compare the chosen balance date with the previous year or not.
  5. Click Update to run the report.

What displays on the report

Surplus and Revaluations shows the net profit for the fiscal year chosen taken directly from the Income Statement.

Other Movements shows the total of transactions in your equity accounts for the fiscal year chosen.

Your fiscal year is specified by you on the Financial Settings screen. It will be December by default unless you changed it when first setting up Xero.

Set up your organization's financial details

Individual totals

To drill down to the Income Statement for the period you've selected, click the net surplus figure. Click Back to Movements in Equity to return.

Income Statement

Click on a total in the Other Movements section of the report to see an Account Transactions report showing the transactions that make up that amount. Click Back to Movements in Equity to return.

Account Transactions report

Check comparative balances

For the Movements in Equity report to be correct, your comparative balances need to be fully set up in Conversion Balances. You need to have a comparative balance for the applicable period for each account covered by the report.

Your conversion balances

More information about getting your opening balance correct:
Get opening balance for equity into Xero for your first year

Export your report

To export the report:

  1. Click Export, then select your preferred export option:

    • Excel
    • PDF (printable format)
    • Google Sheets
  2. Open, save or print the file as you need.