Add a client report field for use in report templates

Create placeholders for information that varies from client to client, such as names of company directors.

  1. Select the list icon Image showing List icon., then the My Xero option.
  2. Select Reports.
  3. Click Report Fields.
  4. On the Client Fields tab, click New Client Field.
  5. Name the report field, then in Description, add the optional prompt for your practice staff.

    Image showing client field information.

  6.  Click Save. To add another report field, click the arrow next to Save and select Save & add another.

Next steps

To add the field to a report template, open the report template from the Reports tab in My Xero, then:

  1. Add a text block or open an existing one to add it to.
  2. Add the report field to the text block.

At the client level, you can then customize the report field for each client.