Edit report settings in a report template

Change default date range, report settings and layout within a report template at the practice level.

You can access report templates from the Reports tab in either Xero HQ or My Xero Partner Edition.

Open a report template at the practice level

  1. In the header, click the list icon Image showing the List icon..
  2. If you have opted into Xero HQ, select Xero HQ. Otherwise select My Xero.
  3. Go to Reports.
  4. Select the report template you want to work on.
Any changes you make here will flow through to the client level.

Edit default date range for the template

You'll see the default date range for the entire template in a button on the top right. Click to change the date settings.

Edit individual report settings or layout

From the contents menu, select the report you want to edit.

Image showing Compilation Report selected from a dropdown under the report template title.

Click Report Settings to:

  • Change accounting basis
  • Include or exclude columns
  • Hide decimals
  • Add comparison periods

In financial reports, click Edit Layout to access the layout editor.