Delete a report template

You can delete any report template created in your practice, or created by Xero. Deleting the template permanently removes that template option for all Advisor user roles and all organizations in your practice.

If you want to remove the template from your clients' organizations without deleting it, you can archive the template instead. Archived templates can be restored.

About deleting report templates

  • Your report template will be permanently removed from your practice. However, any reports you created for clients using the deleted template won't change.
  • If a customized report in the template isn't used in any other templates, Xero deletes that customized report.
  • You can still publish draft reports created with the deleted template.

Delete a template

  1. From the header, click the list icon Image showing list icon., then select My Xero.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Hover over the line for the template and click the arrow which appears on the right.

    Image showing report name with hover arrow.

  4. Select Delete.
If you realize immediately that you didn't mean to delete the template, you can click Undo to restore it. This option is available for a few seconds.