Use switch rules to move accounts in reports

Add a switch rule to automatically move accounts on a new financial report if the balance is negative or positive. For example, on the new Balance Sheet, you could set a switch rule to move bank accounts from Assets to Liabilities when the account is in overdraft.

You can add switch rules to any financial report that has the new layout editor. It can be an existing draft or custom template, or a report you're running from scratch.
  1. Open the report.
  2. Click Edit Layout.
  3. Click the group you want to edit.
  4. In the Group panel on the right-hand side, click Add Switch Rule.
  5. Select whether to switch according to the balance of individual accounts or the entire group, and the group to switch it to, then click Done.

    Image of switch rule popup set to 'If items are negative move to Current Liabilities'.

  6. When you've finished editing the report layout, click Done.