Save custom reports

Save a customized report to the Custom tab to reuse. If you would like your custom report to replace Xero's standard settings for that report, you can also set it as the default for your business.

How custom reports work

If you have the Advisor or Standard + All Reports user role, you can save the settings on any new report as a custom report for your organization. New reports have the label 'New' in the All Reports menu.

Custom settings you can save include:

  • Changes to columns (reordering, sorting, adding or removing)
  • Groups of accounts you've created or moved
  • Formulas you've added or edited
  • A new name for the report (internal or external)

Saving a new custom report adds it to the Custom tab. Making changes to a report on the Custom tab and saving as custom again updates it, unless you change the name of the report first.

Anyone in your organization who can run reports can use custom reports.

Image showing Custom tab highlighted with 'Custom Profit Balance Sheet' underneath.

Setting a custom report as the default

If you set a custom report as the default, your custom report will replace the standard report on the Summary tab.

Save as custom report and (optional) set as default

  1. In the Reports menu, select All Reports.
  2. Click ... to expand the section if the report is hidden.
  3. Click to open the report you want.
  4. Apply the report settings you want to save for reuse. If you want the custom report to have a different name, click into the report title to edit it.
  5. Click Save As, then select Custom.
  6. (Optional) In Name, enter a new internal reference for the report. This is the name of your custom report in Xero and can differ from the title displayed on exported versions of your report. It will also be the default title when you publish reports created with the custom layout.
  7. (Optional) Select Make this the default view for this report. This gives your custom settings to this type of report (eg Balance Sheet), whenever someone runs it from now on.
  8. Click Save.