Group accounts on a new financial report

Group related accounts together on the new financial reports.

Create a new group of accounts

  1. Open the report.
  2. Click Edit Layout.
  3. Either:
    • Select the accounts to group, then click Group Selection.
    • Select Group under the rows icon Image of the Row icon., then drag the accounts to the new group.
  4. In the Group panel on the right-hand side, give the group a name and make any other changes to the group layout.
  5. Click Done.
To select multiple accounts, hold the Ctrl or Command key while you click each account with your mouse. You can also use the Shift key to select a range of accounts.

Edit a group of accounts

  1. Click Edit Layout.
  2. Click the group name.
  3. Make your changes to the group.
  4. Click Done.

Save your report as a custom report to make your changes permanent.

Options for editing a group

The Group panel has various options for editing your group. To show the group panel, click on the group's name.

image of the Group panel for making changes to group


Add or edit the name of the group. You can also change the names of the opening balance or total rows by selecting them in the left-hand screen, and editing the Name field.

Display Balance

Choose whether debit or credit balances display as positive. Negative balances display with rounded brackets, postive balances without.

Add Switch Rule

When the balance is negative, automatically move items to another section of the report. You can choose between moving either individual accounts or the entire group.

Opening Balance

Xero calculates and shows the group balance at the beginning of the reporting period. When this option is chosen, the individual accounts show the movement during the period, rather than their closing balance. The opening balance plus account movements will equal the group total.

This means that owner/beneficiary accounts don't need to be cleared out at the end of the financial year. Opening and closing balances, account movements for the period, are automatically calculated and changes made to these accounts will be reflected without needing to post manual journals.

The option to show the opening balance is not available for all reports.


Show the group total as well as the individual account totals.

More options for editing a group

You can also make changes to a group in the main Edit Layout screen.

  • You can summarize a group so that it shows as a single line in the report, rather than multiple accounts. If you've chosen to show the opening balance for a Balance Sheet group, keep the group expanded.
  • You can move a group to another section of the report by dragging it with your mouse.
  • If you no longer need a group you can delete it. Only the group will be deleted, not any of the accounts that were grouped in it.